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Yoga for Snowboarders and Skiers with Nano Yoga

Hello, I’m Nanaco!

I live in the mountains of Myoko, Japan. Combining my love of yoga and snowboarding. I teach yoga to snowboarders and skiers, to help you be your most empowered self!

- Yoga is the best to stretch your body before and after a long day on the slopes.

- Yoga creates both strength and flexibility for your body and a calm mind.

- Yoga helps to gain more of a body, mind connection, breathing through difficult moments,
which has come in very handy for me, when I’ve been stuck in deep Myoko powder!

I always hear that people aren’t flexible enough or not at a certain weight, guess what? If you can breathe, you can do yoga!

 Feel a little meh while in lockdown?
Join me for this 20 minutes yoga, to stretch and strengthen your whole body, under the famous Japanese cherry blossoms.
This yoga class focuses on poses to make you feel more energized, to bring joy and feel a sense of freedom in your body,
and get snowboard / ski ready (for when this lockdown ends and the snow is falling again).

stay #unboredonboard forever