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#unboredindoors with Elena Gaskell

Elena Gaskell is from Vernon, BC in Canada born and raised. She is a slope style and big air skier on the Canadian team.
Started skiing when she was 4 years old and fell in love with the sport right away. 

Elena was always chasing after her older brother and wanted to be better than him.

 " I think I first fell in love with the sport for the thrill and endless fun. I now love it for so much more. It is my passion.
When I’m not skiing I enjoy spending time with family and friends, golfing or doing anything outdoorsy ."

Unfortunately, right now I am not able to be skiing with all hills being closed and it becoming spring in my town!
But I am still finding my ways to stay entertained.

Whether it’s biking, working out, stretching, working on school,
 playing games with my family or just watching movies. 

One of the multiple reasons I love my Eivy products is the product is multifunction.
It is not just my base layer but I can always stretch, workout and lounge in it!

 Elena's top 3 movies suggestions for days #unboredindoors:
1. If I stay
2. The darkest minds
3. Now you see me

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