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#22 - Nadja Flemming

The story about a girl chasing her dreams and goals. Living the Unbored Onboard Lifestyle.

Between all the big competitions around the world, Nadja lives in her van and moving around between the resorts in the European Alps. We met up with Nadja in Stubai, and ended up having an epic weekend with a lot of laughs, shred and good memories in the luggage.


How it all started

- I went snowboarding for the first time when I was 15 years old, so it was pretty late. But actually, it all started when I did my first Elooa Freestyle Camp with an age of 18. I really loved snowboarding before this stage, but after that incredible freestyle camp, I was totally in love with snowboarding. From then on I spent every free day on the mountains riding park and trying to learn new tricks. My goal this winter is to have as much fun as I can on the snowboard, learn new tricks and qualify for the World Championships in the USA. Between all my trips to the mountains I also love to Skate, Surf & Wakeboard,- If I don’t snowboard I have another board around me, haha!


What's most important in your packing? - 3 things to think about when travelling:

- Always less stuff is better, it’s so much more comfortable and you don’t need all that stuff anyway
- Never forget your safety medicine pack, you always get sick when you don’t think you will. 
- Earplugs, you wanna have a good sleep. If you get on a flight- Put the earplugs in your carry-on luggage, the best way to have a comfy flight.



Which is your Favourite Park and Resort?

My favorite park is Snowpark Seiser-Alm in Italy. The setup is perfect, and I always had a great time riding this park!