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#10  Mirte was here

"I’m just a woman on adventure"

- This is Mirte Van Dijk, amazing mountain loving digital nomad and her short story about travel and how to pack for the big adventures!

It started with just holidays, but then you meet people, you go on a trip again, run out of money and try to work for going away as soon as possible after that. At some point it gets addictive to meet adventurous people and see new places. Snowboarding is for me a big part of this all. I’m not an athlete, not at all. I’m just a woman on adventure. Camping, kayaking, traveling to unknown places: my board bag has seen some weird spots.

From the beginning, I just did things that I really wanted and where I saw opportunities. My Curriculum Vitae is five pages long, not to brag! I’m just saying: the dream of living and traveling didn’t just fall from the sky. I never settled for a shitty job and took everything really serious. But you have to be cut out for it, because it’s been seven years without a bed of my own really, without seeing my family for more than a few weeks a year and I am working every single day. Fun work, I admit it, but it was a very long way to get here.

I give you three things to think about: 

1. Going nowhere is worse than regretting you went. 

2. Being ‘busy’ is a lie. You might have a lot of stuff to do, but ‘busy’? Really? There is time for everything. 

3. Take your chances, at least once in your life.

Everybody is looking for something, something that makes them feel good I think, well...I found it in winter, work or no work. So, today I am packing my bags again, because it’s time for the next adventures. Where? Sushi, fresh powder and huge culture differences…I let you guess.

See you out there...