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Eivy x Nalgene Bottle Sustain - Woodsman

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Eivy x Nalgene Bottle Sustain - Woodsman

Eivy x Nalgene presents the WIDE MOUTH BOTTLE 1L SUSTAIN, a gray one-liter water bottle with orange and green details, with a smart cap design, made from 50% recycled plastic to reduce environmental impact. The bottle is also free from BPA, BPS, and phthalates, and can withstand temperatures from -135°C to +135°C (-211 °F to 57.2 °F), making it suitable for freezing and dishwashers.

The strap attached to the bottle and cap makes it easy to secure the bottle to your gear in several ways. Attach a carabiner to the strap to quickly fasten the bottle to different items, or unscrew the cap and thread the strap through loops on your backpack before screwing it back on, to attach the bottle without additional tools.

Cap type: Wide Mouth

Volume: 1L (33oz)

Cap diameter: 63 mm

Bottle diameter: 89 mm

Weight: 177 g

Height: 21 cm

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