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Update from New Zealand and Hannah Wilson

Winter is around the corner at the Southern Hemisphere and @spannah_wilson is sharing some tips on how to prepare when in lockdown!

“ I’ve been in lockdown for over a month now between Switzerland in New Zealand and here are the things I have learned to stay #unboredindoors.

Every day is different, even if you are in the same place
Listen to your body and allow yourself to feel how you feel. You may not solve climate change or even make it out of the house every day and that’s ok. I’ve found this has been the best time to slow down and have more me time and has been the perfect time to get my creative juices flowing. This is the time to learn some new skills, when you have the motivation for it! A time to do all things you said you’d do if you had the time for it... Well, I’ve never had more time than now and here’s what I’ve been learning, or at least attempting to:

Being in Nature
If possible, get outside! Wherever you can get to and finding beauty in your surroundings, it can be hard seeing the same sights every day but be curious and take the time to notice the smallest details.

Gardening / planting
There’s no denying that having plants in your life makes you feel better. This is a great time to grab some seeds and create a veggie patch you’ve always dreamed of. I’ve been taking cuttings of some of my current house plants, hoping to propagate them so I can have a house full!

Cooking and baking
I’ve been spending more time in the kitchen cooking up some lovely plant-based meals and snacks. My favourites have been from @tworawsisters and Nothing tastes better than the food you’ve made yourself that’s good for the earth and your belly!

Music / art
Learning to play the ukulele has been on my to-do for a while and I’ve been slowly getting there with YouTube tutorials. Although you won’t be hearing me play a song anytime soon, that’s for my ears only!
When I’m feeling inspired I use what artistic resources I have to doodle and create. If you’re not feeling inspired then drawing a photograph can be super satisfying too.

Yoga / sweating
I’ve found it important to set goals for the lockdown that is achievable, my main one has been to do yoga every day! With a balance of yoga, running, biking and some gentle weight training I know I’ll be ready for the New Zealand winter season. This has been my main project through lockdown and possibly my favourite part of the day. I’ve found through practicing that it gives my body exactly what it needs, be it flexibility, a workout, or meditation.My favourite way to practice is by practicing with my favourite instructors and supporting my local yoga studio @ostudio_nz. I highly recommend supporting your local studios if possible, or there is some amazing free yoga on YouTube as well.

Enjoy being #unboredindoors everyone! “

Stay #unboredonboard forever